Laikipia Plateau

The Laikipia Plateau is one of Kenya’s lesser-known wildlife destinations. Stretching across the foothills of Mount Kenya, Laikipia is home to many of East Africa’s endangered species. Sometimes referred to as the gateway to Kenya’s north, Laikipia is also a conservation success story. There is so much wildlife to see here, but without the crowds of tourists that can be encountered in more popular areas.

Laikipia is a place of spectacular scenery. Once it was dotted with large ranches, but many of these have been turned into game conservancies. Local villagers work alongside conservationists to ensure that the endemic wildlife is not threatened, and still maintain their traditional way of life.

The plateau, as its name suggests, is mostly at a high elevation, with altitudes ranging up to 2600m. The habitat found here ranges from semi-desert to thick forest, and two large rivers dominate the geography. In terms of wildlife, the Big Five can be found here, as well a vast diversity of other species. The famed Northern Species, such as the Grevy’s zebra can be spotted here too.

To the north, Laikipia merges into Samburu National Reserve, which is one of Kenya’s top highlights and is definitely worth a visit.

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