January is high summer in Kenya and temperatures are hot. The air is alive with the sound of birds and the coast looks blissful with its white sands and crystal clear waters.

Safaris in January are also a wonderful experience - especially in the north. January is also a great month for climbing Africa’s second highest mountain, Mt Kenya.


Average min temperature: 12C   Average max temperature: 26C


Average min temperature: 24C   Average max temperature: 31C

Tours & Holidays

Said by many to be the most scenic route to the summit of Mount Kenya - Chogoria is a challenging and yet little-walked trail that offers great rewards to those who take it on.
Mt Kenya
Introducing a new route up Mount Kenya! You'll spend five days trekking up Kenya’s highest mountain along the newly-opened Timau route. This fully catered tour includes a guide, a cook and porters.
Mt Kenya
Set on the white sandy beaches of Diani, Swahili Beach is the latest contender when it comes to stylish indulgence on the Kenyan coast.
Diani Beach
From the moment you arrive at the Waterlovers resort in Diani on Kenya’s south coast you will realise that you have found your own little slice of heaven.
Diani Beach