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At Albatros Travel in Kenya we have a passion for travel and making sure your holiday is as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

From the moment you make your first enquiry, to the time when you are looking through your holiday pictures and reliving the best moments - and everything in between - we'll be there making sure your trip with Albatros Travel exceeds all of your expectations.

Here we are:

Sasha Taylor

General Manager - Kenya

About me

Born and brought up in Kenya, I have always been passionate about this spectacular country. My enthusiasm for the tourism industry stems from my desire to ensure that people get the opportunity to witness and appreciate this amazing country and all it has to offer. Having studied and worked in the UK, I returned to Kenya in 2009, where I definitely feel most at home.

Sasha recommends

I always think that combining the north of Kenya, which is very dry and arid, and is home to some endemic northern species, with the Masai Mara, provides the opportunity to appreciate the enormous diversity of the country, not only in the wildlife which is present in the different areas, but also the cultural and geographical differences.

Sian Cattermole

Online Manager

About me

Born and bought up in Kenya and being a third generation Kenyan really drives my passion for promoting this amazing country. My whole working life has been spent in tourism and seeing the industry grow is fantastic. I was educated in the UK before embarking on a Nairobi to Cape Town (and back!) safari ... a life changing experience that fueled my love for travel. Having seen many places in Africa there really is no place that has the diversity of landscapes or the variety of cultures like Kenya. It really is a country with something for everyone.

Sian recommends

I always try and encourage visitors to think outside the box. Tsavo East is an amazing place the landscape is breathtaking and the wildlife viewing opportunities fantastic. Northern Kenya is also home to many treasures including the white sands of the Shaba Reserve which are truly beautiful. And my all-time favourite place is the Kenyan coast ... somewhere that everybody should experience for themselves.

Mary Muchiri

Sales Consultant

About me

Growing up on the slopes of Mount Kenya definitely contributed to my passion for tourism and my enthusiasm to encourage people from overseas to visit this diverse and stunning country. I have spent the last 10 years working in the travel industry, and I thoroughly enjoy designing tailor-made itineraries to suit individual client needs, and ensuring that their visit to my country is the holiday of a lifetime.

Mary recommends

Few countries can boast such an impressive range of landscapes as Kenya, comprising wilderness, coast, mountains, forests, lakes, deserts and cities, plus there's a very wide range of things to do and see.

Evans Kareithi

About me

Born and brought up in Kenya. I have had a passion for tourism from a tender age and have grown to make that dream come true. My passion for this is ecotourism and cultural tourism, I believe tourism needs to be exploited sustainably and the aspect of culture which is so refined in Kenya should not be ignored. Would you imagine over 40 tribes co-existing as one, you have to be here to believe it.

Evans recommends

The Gem of East Africa I refer to it has a lot to offer. It’s one of the few countries where you can be both in the south and northern hemisphere and have the only snow-capped mountain around the equator. For wildlife, beach, cultural, ornithology Kenya has it all. It difficult to have a favourite park but, I reserve a place for the Meru National park, seldom visited, this park would take your breath away from the scenery and the variety of wildlife is amazing. The Northern frontier is also worth a visit for the scenery, the view from Mt Kulal is breath taking and so is the opportunity to see the El Molo an endangered small tribe living on the shores of Lake Turkana.

Caroline Nyawira

Tour Consultant

About me

I was born, brought up and educated in Kenya. When I started out in tourism, it was as a stop gap to “bigger and better” things. It took me a week to realize it doesn’t get better than this and seven years later – am still hooked!

I am driven by the need for sustainable tourism in every aspect of the industry and how vast Kenya’s attractions are – there is a new jewel to discover and savour every so often.

Caroline recommends

Kenya is amazing whatever part you choose to visit  but I always encourage people to incorporate a little bit of culture into their itineraries and take enough time at each place to have an actual feel of the people because a truly amazing safari – in my opinion – takes 50 % great attractions and 50 % amazing people! I do however, have a special place in my heart for the coastal destination of Lamu for its rich culture, history and great beaches, as well as Lake Bogoria –for its hot springs and geysers and the enchanting views of the Eastern wall of the Great Rift Valley in the backdrop.

Otieno Cleophas

Client Liaison Officer

About me

Having worked in the tourism industry for 33 years in various positions, I am a team player and enjoy interacting with people and am very happy to be one of the longest serving employees of Albatros Travel in Kenya, having joined in 2000. I am married and blessed with children.

Otieno recommends

The Great Rift Valley is spectacular and not to be missed on any trip to Kenya. In addition, the mountainous regions further north in Kenya provide a superb contrast to the great plains of the world famous Masai Mara.

Rose Moraa

Client Liaison & Logistics Assistant

About me

Born and brought up in Kenya, since childhood I have wanted to work in the tourism Industry. Having now worked in it for nine years, I love welcoming our customers when they arrive here. Being a representative of Albatros Travel and the first person that you will meet upon arrival makes me the face of the company, and I make sure I have all the information you need to know about Kenya so that you can enjoy your safari.


Rose recommends

Never leave out the Masai Mara from your itinerary! This is the most magnificent wildlife theatre in the world, and in my opinion, Africa’s greatest. All are welcome here.

Bernard Mwasaa

Finance Manager

About me

I was born and grew up in Nairobi. I have worked with Albatros Travel for the last 10 years and have seen it grow, largely due to the dedication of the staff to provide the highest levels of customer service in the industry.

Bernard recommends

The Masai Mara is definitely the most popular safari destination. Everyone should see it!

Boniface Mwonga


About me

I have worked in the tourism industry for the last 16 years and very much enjoy the variety which this diverse industry can offer.

Boniface recommends

My favourite Kenyan holiday is a relaxing week down at the coast where it is possible to completely unwind and recharge.

Salimini Salmini

Client Liaison Officer

About me

I have been working with Albatros Travel since November 1997 meaning that I have lots of  experience providing the best Albatros quality and service to our clients.

Salimini recommends

While you are on holiday in Mombasa, it would be my pleasure to welcome you on one of our Tsavo East National Park safaris. Here, you can see lions, buffalos, giraffes and lots of other wildlife. While on safari, accommodation will be at Voi Safari Lodge, Voi Wildlife lodge or Ashnil Aruba Lodge - all very well known lodges. After the safari you will be able to continue enjoying your holiday in any of our beautiful coastal beach hotels.