The Aberdare Range lies to the north of Nairobi and stretches for some 160km. Densely forested with tropical vegetation and bamboo, this upland area is popular with hikers and climbers and those looking for fresh air and breathtaking scenery.

The Aberdares were named in 1884 after Lord Aberdare, the then president of the Royal Geographical Society. It was here that England’s Queen Elizabeth II was holidaying when she first learned that she was to become the queen.

The maximum elevation of the peaks that comprise the Aberdares is 3994m, and from some you can get a good vantage point of Lake Naivasha. The area is rich in wildlife, including many elephants and buffalo, as well as giant forest pigs.

Because of its elevation the Aberdares encompass four main vegetation zones, ranging from the sub-alpine to the submontane forest. This means that birdlife here is profuse, and any trip here is perfect for those wanting to do a spot of hiking.

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